Friday, November 12, 2004

What a wonderful life!

This is one of those days gone in a flash. I volunteered to take my son's class to Andy Warhol's exhibit and then attend the Greek Festival. I've been wanting to see the exhibit for a week now but I did not have anyone to go with so the field trip was a blessing in disguise. The art museum, then great food, what a great combination. I had calamari and I got two souvlakis to take home. Then, I went home and baked red velvet cupcakes and topped them with cheesecake frosting. Yum! I also baked some brownies because I told my daughter's friend that I will make him some. The kid is away from home and living at the dorm so I thought I will be motherly and offer  him some baked goods.

I am glad for days like this. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I never thought giving four teenage boys a ride would be fun but these boys were great and funny too.  


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chatzeekay said...

great the foods sounds diffrent from what I eat but it sure sounds good