Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Baby Turns 14 Today










Happy Birthday, J!

Yup. My baby turns 14 today. I am happy but also saddened by the fact that he is growing so fast!

He won first prize for his Science project yesterday. The project is about which skateboarding bearings are faster. He owes some of the ideas from his brilliant sister who pretty much did an excellent didactic approach in telling her little brother about velocity but he put a lot of work on his board and on his written report. I was amazed at how my children take to scientific concepts like ducks to water. Yup, I'm bragging again but I can't help it.



my78novata said...

Yes mykids make me feel old too looking at them. I think Hey I know the kids in the paper they graduated with........ THen I realize its becuase they look like thier parents I went to school with!!!!!! Happy b day to your daughter. Yup according to your thing I m addicted to aol LOL Lori

coy1234787 said...

Happy Birthday, J
 *** Coy ***