Friday, November 19, 2004


Things I am Thankful For

My Family

     I am thankful for a wonderful husband and my amazing children. I can't begin to enumerate the qualities I admire about my family. My husband is ever patient, forgiving, and loving. My children are my pride and joy. They make me happy and proud everyday.

My Friends 

     I do not have a lot by choice. My friends are the pick of the litter. They are awesome people. They are evolved. I like it that I can tell them anything and everything about me. I love them for their listening skills and big hearts. I am grateful to and for everyone of them. Though I need to work on getting in touch more often, I am glad they do not hold that flaw against me.

My Family's Health 

      I am thankful that at this time, none of the members of my family is ill. Everybody seems to be healthy and enjoying life. I pray that I will be able enjoy this blessing next year. I am thankful that my daughter is not bedridden from her ailment and seems to be functioning very well.

The Blessing of Abundance 

      I  am ever thankful for the blessings we recieved this year and for the past years. I am glad that my family do not have to suffer from the stresses of financial problems. We are lucky and blessed to be able to send our children to private schools, take vacations, eat out often, pay our bills, buy what we need, and have some money left over to get what we want. 

Ice Cream and Cheesecake 

     I am thankful for these comfort foods. Whoever invented these foods have my everlasting gratitude. My family have a tradition of going out for ice cream during the summer months.  Cheesecake is also a tradition in our family for the holidays. I love cheesecake. I never had a cheesecake I did not like.

Walk on the Beach and Sand on my Feet    

     Thank you for the beach and the sand. These things make me happy. I used to live in Hawaii and now I live in Florida. I love walking on the beach and feeling the sand on my feet. I used to get out of my work clothes and walk our dog at the beach behind our house in Kailua. Those were glorious days! 



chatzeekay said...

You make me realize to take a moment to be thankful sorry have not got to comment on all your entrys been busy and sick.... Take it easy

lorileeboard said...

I love this!!  It really touched me and brought me back to the reality that there is so much to be thankful for.  Thank YOU!!  Hugs, Lori