Monday, March 24, 2008

Aloha, Josh!


In Loving Memory
Joshua Kalai Nakata, 23
Mililani, Hawaii


May you rest in peace.
You died doing what you loved most, surfing the North Shore's banzai pipeline.
I remember you jovially teasing Gary as Jessi walked up the path to your house carrying an Easter Basket.  I remember your Mom "borrowing" Jessi because Gary will not go to his football practice not unless Jessi was there . I can still hear you and Chaz giggling and chanting, "Gary has a girlfriend!" at the back of your Mom's van when Gary came with a Teddy Bear and flowers for Jessi when we got in a car accident.
I feel for your Mom and Dad, Belinda and Gary Senior, for I would not like to survive any of my children. I wish I could hug Gary, Chaz and Rose, your brothers and sister, for I know their hearts are breaking.
 Aloha!  Hope the surf's up always where you are.  

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Live Your Dreams!

"There is nothing like dream to create the future. Utopia to-day, flesh and blood tomorrow. "
~Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, 1862, French dramatist, novelist, & poet (1802 - 1885)




To my son, an Anglophile, who can't wait to go across the universe:
You have my permission to explore the world whenever you decide to do so. I will miss you so much that I will be filled with anxiety for your safety and well being while you are away but I will get over it.
Writing this may be  premature because you promised me that you do not intend to live in England until you get your college degree.  I guess I am concerned about your plan of going on an European trip. Though I know you have a record of making good decisions, your great passion for English artifacts and culture scares the bejeesus out of me. 
You got it here in writing. I will never hold you back and will support your decision whatever it is. You can't take me with you but you can take my unconditional  love in your heart. I do not have to write it but I will anyway: I love you more than you'll ever know.