Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Motherhood is Confusing

 I wrote this 2 years ago or so when my daughter and I were in a power struggle. It was hard for me to realize that she wanted to spread her wings. I did not understand her  yearning for independence at such an early age. I was full of fear for her. I was not ready. I was afraid that I will lose her but now I know letting her make her own decisions does not mean letting go. It means respecting her wishes to grow.  



Confused Mother

I want to give you everything you want

But I can only meet your needs

I would like to let you go

But I can't seem to budge an inch

I would like you to learn from your mistakes

But I am always trying to protect you from making them 

Just like you, I am confused

The only thing that is clear to me

Is that I want you to be happy and safe


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chatzeekay said...

so very sweet