Friday, March 2, 2007

Sorry, No Munchkins and Flying Monkeys Today

Aunt Em! Aunt Em! I am Home!
The worst of the Tornado Warnings and Watches are over for now. When I woke up this morning, I went outside to check if our house landed on the Wicked Witch or in the Land of Oz. The surrounding was familiar and it looked like Florida.  Toto was barking his head off as a greeting to his friend, Mr. Squirrel, who was hanging precariously by his hind leg on our privacy fence. The air smelled like magnolia blossoms and the neighbor's greasy breakfast of  bacon strips and grits. Yup,  I was still in Florida! 
Aside for a couple of oak limbs in the front yard, everything seems to be intact and grounded. Thank you for your concerns and prayers. The prayers worked! Hallelujah!
It is actually a very nice day today. The sun is out and it feels like spring outside. I put a few bare root roses and some veggie seeds in the garden. I also took out all the plants I have been harboring inside my house. I hope the freeze periods are over for my area. I do not want to bring all those heavy pots inside for at least six months.
I still need to pour some 75 pounds and 20 gallons of various chemicals in the pool. We hired a diver last week to find the leak in it. It was sipping water like a ginormous buffalo for the past few weeks. We stopped topping the water in it for a couple of weeks so the diver could go down and investigate. The leak was found and repaired after I paid the diving company an arm and a leg. Another arm and leg went to refilling it and buying the chemicals to "stabilize" the tap water poured into it. Just so you know, I may not update for a while since I am typing this post with a pencil in my mouth.   
Have a good weekend. May you not suffer from tornadoes, pool leak, and loss of extremities.


my78novata said...

OH man I hated when we had pool leaks. we finally sold ours and now are visiting it over at th eneihgbors that is much nicer lol they take caer of it now lol glad your safe. we had winds yesterday and today and tomrrow 40+ mph now. ugh It is sunny today though that is nice.

barbpinion said...

Hi. So glad you're safe and that your is starting out so well. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm sure you will, now that the worst is over.
God bless you,

klconard1 said...

I am glad you are safe dear.  So sorry about the pool problems.  Almost makes me glad we've never had one lol!
loving you

ally123130585918 said...

Glad you are home and safe ~ and the Tornado warnings and watches are over ~ hope you have a calm and pleasant weekend ~ Ally

tkelliher617 said...

Im so glad you are alright!  I hope you have better weather and no more tornadoes, the weather sure has been crazy!  Enjoy your weekend!
Tabatha :)

princesssaurora said...

I am glad that you and yours fared the weather ok!  Scary stuff!  Ahhh what is it with water this weekend?  You with your pool... me with my basement... lol  Home ownership... not for the weak of heart!  LOL

be well,

chatzeekay said...

I know I have been not around much. been so busy it seems thanks for stopping bye your comment meant alot, Hope all is well withyou. sauying hello to you.

fasttrack58 said...

Glad you survived tornado warnings but leaky pools seem more dangerous.... too funny using a pencil in your mouth...
Be safe!
Linda :)