Friday, March 9, 2007

Home Alone: Old Geezers Version






A few days ago, hubby and I had a glimpse of the years ahead. 


Unlike most weekends in our home, we were actually home alone.


It is common knowledge that a teenager living in the home tends to multiply during weekends. Our home is most often chosen as the "hangout" of a gaggle of tall, lanky sixteen year olds: playing Wii, PS2, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo or PC games; having laptop marathon; exchanging witty remarks, potshots and insults; watching scary or funny movies; clanging their musical instruments; and taking frequent trips to the bathroom, refrigerator or pantry. They tease each other endlessly, put away groceries enough to feed a small nation, and roughhouse till the wee hours but I love every one of them. I felt guilty for feeling relieved that they have chosen to hang out elsewhere that weekend, but the guilt was shortlived.


Hubby and I started the evening by going out to dinner and watching Hannibal Rising at the movies. Then we came home, lit the fireplace, opened a bottle of wine, and played the romantic playlist off his iPod. We drank, talked, laughed, and danced infront of the fireplace. We acted like we had no worries.  I felt so light and happy. ( Maybe it’s the wine, but for argument’s sake, let’s say it’s because I felt so stress free. I see a lot of you nodding and murmuring, “Yeah, it’s the wine!”)


The evening reminded me of the times we shared when we were childless. When were free to do whatever we want. When we did not worry about the kids or the babysitter. The memories of the distant past relived.


We enjoyed and focused on each other like we have done before the kids came in the picture. It was just hubby and I. Not against the world, but in synch with it. Everything just seemed so right. At one time, I told hubby, “This is life!” and it was an understatement. (No, it’s not the wine talking.)


 After that night, I arrived at the conclusion that the dreaded "empty nest" would be more of a blessing than a curse. Sure, I will still miss my kids and I will worry about them but I intend on having a life after the last one leaves. I am already planning on traveling more with my hubby, stocking the wine cabinet, enlarging my music playlist, building an extensive library, pursuing a few other passions I kept on the back burner for so long, and reliving “that night” as often as possible.


Yes, I am looking forward to tomorrow. 



randlprysock said...

Your home is so beautiful!!! I too think empty nest will be hard but also a blessing.  Really great entry.  I like the part about being in sync with life.  Hugs,

my78novata said...

Yes I know now that the girls have boyfriends who are over daily for us it is nice to have time alone. We have had those weekends. BUT I will miss them and thier fur babies when they take them with them. OH man I think there will be days we do miss them alot and hopefully they will visit often and my friends with grandbabies say........ that its wonderful as you get to have them now and again but you get to send them home and enjoy some alone time too. But yes your evening sounds wonderful and it wont be too long at all sounds like that you will be having more free time. I had my first child at 18 and my baby is nineteen now. My whole life has been and is surrounded, controled and also MAINTAINED by them. They are the air I breath. Then again I may have a bit more air to breath once they get married. lol You just never know how it will hit you when its for real daily life. and NO I dont think it was the wine talking. lovely fireplace there

jibaro6543 said...

at our house it is two down one to go....I can see the light at the end of the
I have been stocking up on craft supplies...waiting for those quiet
take care

lazarai said...

My husband and I are in the same place...we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have two girls, 14-1/2 and almost 18, and for the first time in YEARS, we've been enjoying a taste of freedom when the girls are both out at the same time. It's GREAT!! We are going to miss them, yes - Dayna will go to college in August and we'll be down to one. Four years from now, we will actually get to travel up north to see the leaves change colors and do other things you just can't do when you're tied to a school calendar!! Oh the freedom. Can't wait. :)

Enjoy each other,
:) Carol

springangel235 said...

My kind of your fireplace...what a romantic night...hope your weekend is the best...and have many more evenings like this one.
Hugs and love,

mikev009 said...

Happy that you guys were able to have some alone time.  Schedule some more often.  ~ Mike

klconard1 said...

At 58 years of age, with our last child gone from home five years ago and no grandchildren in sight, one big thing I've learned is that NOW is always the best time of your life.  Enjoy NOW because you never know what is coming.  I am glad you are enjoying now.
loving you

karensull12 said...

We get moments like this, too now and after not having any time alone for so long, I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE it.  I love going out to dinner with just my husband and just hanging out with him.  I have moments when I feel sad that everyone is gone but they are becoming less and less.  I'm glad you enjoyed your time alone together and hope you get much more!

princesssaurora said...

How nice!!!  Glad you had a great night!

be well,

tschamberland said...

Ah there is hope!  Sounds wonderfully peaceful.  


chatzeekay said...

lovely pic sorry have not been in here I try to manage my alerts I just need to manage mymind better, lol missed some reading hope to play catch up hope all is well saying hello to you,,

leonaoflaherty said...

You painted a lovely picture of a perfect night! I had to laugh out loud when I read the reference to the Wii, PS2 and Xbox................these all sit on the floor here by our TV and we don't have any teenagers - my 43 year old hubbie owns them. He is my big kid.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Billy's friends tend to hang here most the time too..i like knowing what they are doing...have a great week!  Hugs,Terryann

jeanno43 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

fasttrack58 said...

I too am looking forward to the future alone time without the kids.... I feel so guilty, lol..... too far away to worry about yet, the youngest is only five, lol...
Have a great week!
Linda :)

tkelliher617 said...

How Romantic! Im so glad you and your Hubby had such a nice time together.  You have the best of both worlds now! Enjoy your family!
p.s. I love your fireplace

barbpinion said...

Kids ARE wonderful, but there's something awesome about having one's best friend, (hubby) all to myself. You sound like such a terrific mom, and I'm sure you're thought of that way by your kids.
Hugs, and love too,