Wednesday, February 14, 2007


               Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Hubby built this arbor for me for V-day. It is not done yet. We still need to level the soil around it and put flagstones down. I have the table and chairs as well as the chandelier for it.
It was too cold to eat out so we decided to have our V-day dinner inside.
A close up of the lovely flowers hubby ordered from Hawaii.  The table was set for a Japanese dinner. We had miso soup, hearts of romaine salad, shrimp tempura, chicken katsu and sushi.
The sock monkey I made for my son's girlfriend. She came and had dinner with us.
I did not make dessert because we were suppose to go out and get ice cream after dinner. It was freezing outside so the kids bailed out on me. 


jibaro6543 said...

the arbor looks GREAT!!! really beautiful.....
the dinner sounds like it was yummie.....sounds like you had a perfect valentine's day.
NOW as for the sock monkey.....I LOVE IT!!!
if you ever happen to have an extra one around that you no longer want...send it my way...I love carol duvall and her sock
have a great week!
p.s. THANKS for leaving comments at my journal...I so appreciate it!

my78novata said...

well............... you kow Im envious of you that you can even get an arbor up. Our ground is frozen and no way can we get dirt dug in fact we been trying for a month now to get our porch roof up. we want ot star on our patio. I love you rpics and what a nice arbor and your table setting. that sock money is so cute. they use to be so common in the 50's one of my aunts great aunts had a bed full of varous ones. I do hope you will sahre pics of your arbor when its done.

barbpinion said...

What a wonderful gift. It's going to be just beautiful, one of your special places, no doubt. I enjoyed your pictures. Everything is so lovely. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks too.
Happy Valentine's day to you too, a day late. lol

tkelliher617 said...

I just love your arbor and all your beautiful flowers!  Im glad to hear you had a nice Valentines day.  Be sure to share pics when the arbor is done.  Your table looked so nice too and the food sounds wonderful!

randlprysock said...

What a lovely arbor... and oh those flowers!!!  The menu!!!  What a lovely time you must have had!!  Happy Valentine's to you too!!!!  Hugs n more hugs,

springangel235 said...

Oh my ....what a special day you had....loved everything...the day was filled with love for sure for you!!!
Hugs and love,

mommylildevils said...

I found your journal by link hopping lol... I just wanted to let you know I love the way you guys set up your dinner table for V-Day. It looks so romantic! And those flowers that your hubby got you from Hawaii..They are gorgeous!! You got a yourself a winner  lol....  The arbor is cute I would like to see how it looks after its all done....
I am going to leave the link to my journal feel free to stop by.
I will back to yours lol ..hope you dont mind
Take Care

smoney414 said...

I got your link by reading my sister-in-laws journal(mommylildevils) The flowers were beautiful. He ordered then from Hawaii, that is very nice of him. From what I can remember my husband has only gotten me one single rose. It sounds liked you had a very nice dinner. Too bad it snowed here, and since my husband works maintnace for the court he had to shovel the snow. So there were dinner plans since he wasn't home. I spent my V-day with my little girl. Maybe next time. Feel free to stop anytime and read my journal.  

karensull12 said...

Love the arbor!!!!  Way to go hubby.  Mine was out of town, then came home last night, promised to take me out tonight, went to work again today and still is not back we will go out!  I hope you had a nice dinner with hubby and your son and his girlfriend.  That was so sweet of you to include them.

I am sorry it's taken me so long to get back over to see you.  Thank you for all your kind comments at my blog.  

Have a great weekend!!!

klconard1 said...

This arbor is sooooo cool!  What a wonderful gift!  Praying for blessings for both of you as you work on it and enjoy it!
loving you

princesssaurora said...

Hi there!  I love your journal!  Thanks for coming to visit mine!  I have a few friends that journal with lupus if your daughter or you are interested, email me!

be well,

fasttrack58 said...

Happy Valentine's Day a little late....
the arbor is a wonderful gift for valentine's! hubby did a great job!!
and the table and flowers and dinner were all wonderful!
Have a great Sunday!
Linda :)

sassydee50 said...

Hi D~What a lovely table you had set! I admire the arbor too. I used to have a house in CA that had grapes growing all over the top of the deck; I just loved to sit out there. Blessings, Deb aka. Sassy

magran42 said...

Jealous...jealous...jealous over the arbor!  I made those sock monkeys in my younger days when the kids were young.