Friday, May 9, 2008

All I Want For Mother's Day


My advice to you is get married:
if you find a good wife you'll be happy;
if not, you'll become a philosopher.

Socrates (470-399 B.C.)



Hubby: You know what to do. My seven sisters' roses need it. I know you're jetlagged but Home Depot is just around the corner. (Please!).
Kids: No iPod or Zune (I can't even find my cellphone most mornings!). Just download my music and send it to me or put it in CD(s) so I can listen to it on my laptop.  Why did I put this here? Because I know you little rascals read my blog!


frankandmary said...

For a second, I thought all you wanted for Mother's Day was Jimi Hendrix :-0.
Didn't you send an email I could come live there  LOL.  I almost packed yesterday!

fasttrack58 said...

Hope hubby got the hint, lol, that is just perfect....
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Linda :)

csandhollow said...

Happy mother's Day. Have you get the arbor!

rdautumnsage said...

Enchanting...I hope they got the hint. (Hugs) Indigo