Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Look, our swimming pool is not a water-filled-truck-bed!!!

The house deal seems to be going too slow. Our new closing date is April 14th. The appraiser is yet to come because the seller has not replaced the pool liner and cleaned the hot tub as promised. The loan officer suggested that the pool and hot tub be put in working condition before the appraiser's visit to maximize the home's value. Hopefully, the seller will take care of  it this week. 


My son's band played at the local cafe last Friday. It was their first show. A week before the show, the drummer and the bassist decided to resign. My son and the remaining member found two guys to replace them but they did not have time to get together to practice. They mostly teleconferenced for a couple of days before the show. The night of the show, they were all nervous, one of the guys' instrument was not tuned,  the rhythm guitarist had to play drums, one of their amp was reverberating, and some of those in the audience want hardcore music. Poor kids! The first three songs were not so good but they did a decent job toward the end. My son was embarassed but we told him that there will be another time for him to redeem himself as a good musician. He was surprised because the manager of the cafe paid them. They were not expecting to be paid. They were doing it to gain stage experience and learn the intricacies of live shows. He said the manager said that they had enough paying audience in the show that he had the money to pay them. We told him to keep the money and frame it. It's his first earnings as a musician!  The cafe manager also invited them to come back for another show so they are  practicing with two new members to get ready for their next live performance.      

My heart goes to some of our fellow bloggers. Some had been having health/personal problems and others have lost loved ones. I want to respect their privacy so I will not drop names but I want to ask everybody to please say aprayer ( light a candle or do whatever you are comfortable with) to alleviate their pains and sufferings.   



randlprysock said...

Hope the seller gets that hot tub taken care of and the pool too.  Great pic of the son's band!!  That is awesome he is going to frame his first earnings from the band!!  Hugs,

mikev009 said...

I've yet to meet someone whose house deal went smooth and fast.  LOL.  ~ Mike

my78novata said...

wow great looking band there. Yes buying a hosue is PAINFUL I tell you and its why I stick here everytime I look at buying oh man. Since I ll be getting my moms place too well who knwos how soon then who knows anyway......... I tell its painful neat looking pool though

delela1 said...

Oh, buying a home is such a tedious task, too bad the seller seems to be dragging their feet.  Hopefully that dirty pool water isn't hiding something.  Love the pic of the band; they have that rock n roll promo look already.  :)  http://journals.aol.com/delela1/BlueSkiesandGentleBreezes

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I just told betty that if i won the lottery i would have to have a pool and a hot tub for my aching body. lol  Looks like i just need to visit you.  Sure hope the seller gets on the ball.  Nothing could be so frustrating than things like that.  You are a great person.  Glad to have met you.  It is great that your son got his first gig.  And it paid.  Sweet.  Hope things go better for them next time. He is lucky to have such a proud mama.  Takecare.  TerryAnn.

ally123130585918 said...

Hope everything gets sorted and April 14th will be your moving day....Ally

tschamberland said...

Hopefully the owner fixes those problems post haste.  How fabulous it will to move in and make that house and yard your own!  I'm sure you're just bursting with ideas and itching to make them take form.  Good luck!

My husband has been in a number of bands since he was 14.  He's a bass player and has dealt with many break-ups and line-up changes.  It shows real character and drive to continue with the show, even though new members were added without opportunity to practice.  Bravo!  I'm certain this was a defining moment in his and the band's future of music.

My heart, as always, goes out to the fellow writers in j-land and blogville.  


samnsmile5 said...

Oh boy...you gotta love all the tedious little things that need to happen before you can actually close.  Good Luck with all of it.  
I admire your son and his band for actually going on and getting through their night.  I'm sure they were a nervous wreck....but they did it AND they were invited back!!
Congratulations to them.  I bet you were still a proud mom!!

ryanagi said...

They quit?! What a horrible thing to do so close to a gig! Very unprofessional. I hope your son has found some more reliable musicians to play with now. Congrats on his first gig!

queeniemart said...

Congrats to your son! I would be so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   What a learning experience for the poor kid to get up there with things not going well and still get paid and do a good job. WONDERFUL!!

demandnlilchit said...

That picture could of been taken in any of the last 4 decades! My 14 year old Son had the longer hair up until a few weeks ago, while out to dinner they asked what my daughter wanted to drink! lol I didn;t want him to cut it, but he insisted! total role reversal!!! lol lol lol