Thursday, January 26, 2006



I think my FTP storage is full because it will not let me upload anymore pics.  Then again, my color GUI does not work and "You Got Picture" is not downloading, either. I did not complain when the ad banner appeared but the diminishing functionality  of AOL Journals is driving me batty!

I do not have a whole day to waste just to update my Journal.   

This is the reason for my lack of update for the past few days. I got used to using colors and pics to embellish my Journal and I just can not stand a plain entry anymore.

Maybe it's time to join the crowd and stake my claim to another spot on the blogging frontier. Let me sleep on that...


jeanno43 said...

I regularly go back and delete pictures that have been on four or so months because people are not likely to read that far back.  It is the only way I can keep some space.  From what I see of other blogs elsewhere, they do not put graphics on like we can.  I could not go back to a plain blog either.  I think for the money we pay we should get more space, especially as a lot of journals have to carry ads they do not want.  It is only my journal that keeps me with aol. they are the most expensive.

my78novata said...

HUM I just did mine. wonder what the deal is I even put  asong up. did you try the new FTP way. ??????? They have a new web uplink works pretty good uploading several pics at once.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Try  I love it.  TerryAnn.

samnsmile5 said...

I'm with you...I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures on my journal too...I switched to a Mac computer and it's been harder to figure out.  I know I'm clueless...but.  :)   If you figure this out let me know.   I may check out Photobucket.


journalseditor said...

Hi...sorry you're having problems. You can check how much room in your FTP storage space by using the Web-based File Manager ( ) -- here are my instructions on how to do that:

I took a look at your blog, nothing looks out of the ordinary -- it sounds like you might be having some client software or browser problems -- you might want to check to see if it works with a standalone browser before you try anything else:

Not sure why AOL Pictures wouldn't be working for you -- if it does look like a client problem, you may need to contact member services or reinstall your AOL client software.

Thanks -- Joe (posted & mailed)

chatzeekay said...

sorry to hear you having problems computers are a pain saying hello tooyou