Sunday, September 25, 2005

From Dee's Log

Sandi tagged me. I think the game goes like this: Find your 23rd entry then note the fifth sentence in it. 

Link here to read it.

The fifth sentence is: I like being mysterious. I still do.

The entry was about being the Editor's pick. Needless to say, I did not send them a picture so I was not featured. I was too young of a blogger to be comfortable with the limelight then. I think one of my blogger friends nominated me as a lark.

Today is Vince's birthday. He is my favorite blogging poet. For some unknown reason, he is keeping this a secret to the blogging world. Please stop by and wish him a happy birthday.

Had a busy week again. Most of it was spent at the local Red Cross office. I am going to spare you with depressing news from that front because I know you are being bombarded by the new devastation from Hurricane Rita. The center is still processing about 2,000 cases a day and we've seen a few from Texas already.

Hubby was home for the weekend. I just dropped him off at the airport. He will be in Charleston, SC for the next two weeks so if  I do not update next week, do not worry, chances are I packed my bags and went on a road trip to SC because I miss him.

I had a really nice weekend. I went to the local Seafood Festival and had my fill of grilled mahi mahi, calamari, and seafood alfredo. The place was also packed with crafters and artists booths. I spent my money on a basket of bromeliads and I took a card from a local artist so I can visit her studio and buy some of her lovely flower watercolors.

I also spent a lazy evening with hubby watching movies. He watched my indie films and I sat through his macho films. Case in point, I rented "Broken Wings" and "Before Sunset" while he had "Sahara" and "Hostage."

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

End Transmission.


derasta said...

I think mysterious is a good thing...although I am so far past that at this point, my life is like an open and all :)

sdoscher458 said...

I like the mysterious part....isn't this a fun game?....Sandi

barbpinion said...

Vince is my favorite blogger poet too, as well as a special friend. Hope a LOT Of people wish him Happy birthday.
And you? Well, hope you have a TERRIFIC DAY.
hugs, love & prayers

jeanno43 said...

glad you still like to be mysterious!

ryanagi said...


jtuwliens said...

Pack your bags and take that road trip to Charleston!  I hear it's a fabulous place.  You've been working your butt off taking care of all things Katrina, you deserve some time away.

belfastcowboy75 said...

Charleston is a great city, beautiful, hospitable. I stayed in former slaves' quarters on the Battery a while back. And that low country cuisine...
You make such supportive comments in my journal. I'm getting a big head. (Keep it up) Paul

fisherkristina said...

Oh, you should have sent your pic in!  You could have been Editor's Pick!  I bet you were not  nominated as a lark, I bet you were chosen because you had a good journal!  
Anyway, I wish someone would tag me so I could do my 23rd entry.  Nobody has tagged me yet, lol.  I am not going to do it unless somebody tags me.


my78novata said...

wow love your fifth sentence . sounds like your festival was fun and you had a good time . I dont blame you for for going to see hubby. I would too. have a safe trip

judithheartsong said...

I love lazy at home movie days....... but then I also love buttery popcorn movie theater days.......... but you can't do that naked. judi

dotcomdiva831 said...

I love calamari and a seafood alfredo...yummy...I am getting hungry