Thursday, January 20, 2005

ME, ME, ME: What a Surprise!

I was trying to upload a seaside picture to this entry and the AOL FTP was giving me a hard time. Then I glanced at my last entry where I uploaded a funny image and it was gone! I have to figure out those Photosite instructions because I am getting frustrated with the AOL FTP!!!  

On the brighter front, I filled out the survey form I asked  Ann of ann7inflorida to have from her J a few days ago (which she stole from Barb of  barbpinion . Naughty, naughty, Ann!) and did my usual visit of J Land friends' journals. I found out that a lot of people had been doing it too. Yes, I am a copy cat.  So, sue me!

Here's my version of the cut and paste discount (no fingers used in lifting this off Ann's J).

I am not:  afraid of new things.                                                      

I hurt: when my children, husband, friends or family are hurting.

I love: kids, sunshine, sand, surf, ocean, sunset, sunrise, flowers, candles, cheesecake, good wine, ice cream, pasta, exotic foods, smiles, hugs, kisses, laughs, friends, family, nature, fishing, traveling, music, indie and foreign films, success stories, performing arts and culture, books, readworthy articles, blogging, reading J entries, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Erma Bombeck, Michael Crichton, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Vanessa Mae, Charlotte Church, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kurt Cobain, and Rod Stewart.

I hate: being rushed to a decision. I like to ponder options and possibilities.

I fear:  losing my loved ones.

I hope: to grow old gracefully with my hubby by my side.

I hear: my children’s happy voices, Broadway musicals and life’s hustle and bustle.

I crave: exotic foods like Indian samozas, Japanese mochi, Hawaiian lomi lomi and Greek dolmatis

I regret: wasting my time with dramas and shenanigans when I was young.

I cry: when I read or see something sad or oppressive, when I miss my husband and my daughter, to vent my frustrations, when I am happy and proud.  

I care: about my children’s future, the state of the world, the ecosystems.

I always: tell people I love them because I am afraid losing them without them knowing.

I long to: go to places where I have not been before.  

I feel alone: when I indulge my negative thoughts.

I listen: to uplifting music when I am feeling down, to people and emphatize with them.

I hide: nothing. I am an open book. If you want to know anything about me, ask away. WYSIWYG. 

I drive: like a Floridian, slow and erratic enough to scare and annoy those behind me.

I sing: Broadway musicals songs, Jazzy tunes and songs my children play over and over in my car.

I dance: when I am happy or silly.

I write: poems, prose, stories about my children, funny observations and daily frustrations.

I breathe: easily now a days. I am finally getting used to letting my children grow.

I play: around like a silly child. I like telling jokes and getting laughs.

I miss: the days when my kids are younger and life was simpler

I feel: lovedand secure with my husband by my side. 

I know: how to bake, love, appreciate beauty and live life.

I say: Laugh often. Love much. Live well. 

I search: for that hidden socks blackhole in my clothes dryer.

I learn: a lot of things from raising my children. Parenthood is a humbling experience.

I succeed: when I persevere.

I fail: when I quit or give up.

I dream: of spending my retirement in an exotic locale where I can help people.

I sleep: in my flannel pajamas. Not sexy but very comfortable.

I wonder: about a lot of things that is why I am a research fiend.

I want: health and happiness for my loved ones.

I worry: about my children and their future.

I have: all the things I need and I have enough to afford some things I want.

I give: and give, and give. I savor the joys of being able to be generous.

I fight: for injustices, poverty and illiteracy.

I wait: for the day that my children have their own children. Revenge will be sweet.

I need: books, baking goods, Internet connection, and stimulating things to delay my brain atrophy.

I am: a work in progress. I am learning to upgrade the quality of my life and my relationships

I think: all the time. I am a veritable thinking machine.

I can’t help the fact that: life has its ups and downs. I wish everybody will look at it as riding a horse in a merry-go-round. It has it ups and downs but you ride them all with a silly grin or a smile on your face and the experience feels great when the ride is over.

I stay: grounded, logical and practical most of the time.



skootles84 said...

When you find the hidden black hole for socks in the dryer let me know ;)

oceanmrc said...

Love the flannel pjs.  You know you have reached a new stage in life when you go to bed in pjs, socks and a sweatshirt.    And another stage yet when you go to sleep in a tshirt and your husband is wearing a sweater and wool cap LOLOLOL.

my78novata said...

very insightful I have seen this a few other places and it has some good info on each person. If you can tell me what you are doing with FTP when you upload let me know I ll see if you need to do something else. Also I use use ygp for alot of digi cam pics that is so muc easier. If you need any instructions let me know. I ll be glad to help. I have had frustrating times with FTP too. Sometimes its just the aol software. It may not be you. Lori

ann7inflorida said...

These are all great answers!!! My favorites are the-- I love, I fear, I crave {now I'm hungry, lol}, I always, I DRIVE...LOL! Only a Floridian would understand! ; ), I say, I search too, and ESPECIALLY..."I am"!

Have fun at the beach today!!! Lucky! ~Ann : D

sdoscher458 said...

This was a cute list...especially appreciate the florida driver bit.  Thanks for your kind words in my journal...I have to get back to writing in the Japanese one, some memories are hard to bring back though.....I love Japanese food and cook it often so I know the craving...I have fresh frozen eda mame in the freezer just waiting to be boiled in salted water...hmmmm.......Sandi

karensull12 said...

Great's so fun to see all the different answers.

heyleesilentd said...

I like the "I wait" about revenge being sweet. My stepdad always tells me these crazy revenge stories about how when I have kids and they come to stay with him he's gonna brainwash them and say "No matter what ur mother says, you can have all kinds of sweets before bed, hell you don't have to go to bed, you can stay up as longas you want, and make as much noise as you want. You just tell her that Grandpa Mike said it's alright." and I believe him....

justaname4me2 said...

Out of all the questionaires I've seen floating around, I found this to be the most interesting! How can you not give it a try right?! Wonderful answers from a wonderful person

deabvt said...

Good Replies!

jcole16757 said...

After seeing this on several, I think I might do it myself.  Great responses!

jbenjack said...

I stole this too from someone who stole it from someone who...
but it was good and a made me really think about myself and my answers!

musenla said...

You sound like a very passionate, giving person who wears her heart on her sleeve.  Thanks for sharing these glimpses of you.