Sunday, December 12, 2004

Some Chores Done, Others Not On Priority List!



I have been real busy. Hubby came home on Friday night so I picked him up at the airport.

I am glad to report that the tree is up and decorated and I even hung some lights outside. I am still working on decorating the inside but I have to rest a while.

Hubby and I spent the whole day running around on Saturday trying to buy the the last of the christmas gifts. I think we have everybody covered. It is just so hard to shop as the holidays approaches, the people out there are frantic. They are everywhere! I am glad I can stay home now to finish baking goodies.

I am baking Baklavas for J's teacher, Mr. S. He can't get enough of them the last time I volunteered to chaperone J's class to the Greek Festival so I  am making him a big batch. I already baked some peanut butter chips and chocolate chips cookies for the neighbors and some of the kids' friends. Some had been delivered with the cards but I need to sit down and write down more names so I can calculate how much I have to bake. 

I also want to thank Lori ( Lori's Laurels) for teaching me how to put graphics on my J.  Lori,  you are a wonderful person! I am indebted to you and your generosity forever!


coy1234787 said...

    Mmmm ... cookies, I thought I might get around to doing some baking with all my time off this month, has not happened yet. The day's pass so quickly and I, unlike you am still not finished with my shopping.
    Baklavas? Is it an old family recipe? Greek family recipe? or do you just love yummy, sticky, sweet stuff?
                                           *** Coy ***

jibaro6543 said...

wowow...send some cookies this way......LOL enjoy your sunday and do not spend it all in the kitchen....

my78novata said...

Yeah I see your still getting graphics in. Yes the crowds were aweful last night. YOUR VERY WELCOME for the graphics help. I'm honored you were able to get it done with my instructions. Lori

lindainspokane said...

it sounds like u have gotten a lot accomplished the past couple of days...good for u...i need to start my baking for the holidays...but i wait since my family eats it all if i make it too early! dont over do!


cneinhorn said...

journal looks nice with the graphics, good job!

heyleesilentd said...

Yummy! Choc chip cookies sound really good right now...bedtime snackage haha.
Christmas decorations can be a pain to put up and take down, but they are pretty and fun to look at and everything. It's worth it!

chatzeekay said...

Hey sorry it took me forever to get here lol Love the entry glad you are almost done shopping,,,, Your mood soundds great and cookies thats wonderful you get to make them... What cookies not even atempting it Well blowing through here to say hello

belfastcowboy75 said...

Baklava. Shall I send you my address?