Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Snappin' Happy











Just want to share some of the pictures I took at the St. Anne's Lights Festival.

St. Anne's of Belleview is a Catholic church in my hometown. Every year, hundreds of volunteers string billions of christmas lights in and around the church. The church and its surroundings look magnificent at night! 

The back of the church has numerous western style buildings that are usually used for the annual St. Anne's Round Up. This time of the year, the buildings are decorated with lights, wreaths, christmas trees and other christmas trimmings.  There is a Santa Booth where kids can tell Santa what they want for christmas and a kiddie train to amuse them. There are also a couple of christmas trains for grown people to ride around in. The best part of the Festival is the free hot cocoa, coffee and cookies building! Oh, did I mention that there is also a Bakery where you can buy all sorts of pastries, cookies, cakes, and all sweets imaginable? 

Enough of the St. Anne's ramblings. I would be out of town for a few days starting tomorrow. We are going to North Carolina to celebrate Christmas with my father-in-law. He lives on Mt. Nebo and the view at his mountain home is spectacular. I am hoping that it will snow while we are there because my hubby and my son are talking about trying the slopes this year. Where will I be while they are out there skiing? Well, I'll be inside the ski lodge, sipping coffee, and reading my new Michael Crichton book. Never been a snow bunny and I'm too old to even try it out. Maybe not old but definitely wiser.

My trusty camera will be with me so I will take pictures while we're there.

Have a good Christmas everyone! 


my78novata said...

Ah thanks for sharing the pics. Looks very beautiful. Isnt it prettier in person thoughI have no doubt. Lori

barbpinion said...

nice pictures. Wish I could be there in person though. Merry Christmas.
*Barb* http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

samnsmile5 said...

Enjoyed your pictures!  They look great!  I love going around and seeing Christmas lights, visiting neighborhoods or church lights.  Hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas in N.C.  I think you need to try skiing!  :)
Happy Holidays!

heyleesilentd said...

Nice pics!
Sipping coffee and reading in a ski lodge sounds just as good to me as skiing or snowboarding!

belfastcowboy75 said...

Excellent pictures. Have a great Christmas, and thank you for the attentioned you have lavished on my journal.

coy1234787 said...

    Great pictures here, looks like q very Christmassy (is that a word) thing to do.
Thanks for sharing.    
                                   *** Coy ***


cneinhorn said...

Wonderful photos and hope you had a great holiday!  :-)  ~JerseyGirl