Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Name Change and Blogspot

I am a tad disconcerted about AOL Journals closing its doors.

Though I am not a frequent journaler, I have met a lot of wonderful people through  J-Land. It is my second home where I can go when I am feeling joyful or sad. It's like that bar on the "Cheers" TV series.

I changed my journal's name in anticipation of the blogspot migration because I know another J-Land journaler also have my old journal name.

I signed up for Google and initiated a blog there. Here is the link if you are interested.

I am quite confused as to the migration process. I have another blog that I started for my kids with memories and recipes and I do not know if I have to create another blog to have that migrated too.

Here's to one and all: Cheers!






Tabby said...

Yeah Im glad you got your journal archives over here! Whats new with you ???? Hugs

Coy said...

Hey, so how does it feel to be evicted from AOL? Glad you are here, maybe we can all reconnect and re establish some sence of community. here's my new address

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Well I found you :o)
Which makes me very happy.

Just post when you can and we'll all read when you can. Just don't lose touch~~
Take care now,

Celeste said...

Hey! Yes yopu have to move them all into different journals