Sunday, June 17, 2007


               HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!



High from the earth I heard a bird

                                                       Emily Dickinson (1896)

High from the earth I heard a bird;
He trod upon the trees
As he esteemed them trifles,
And then he spied a breeze,
And situated softly
Upon a pile of wind
Which in a perturbation
Nature had left behind.
A joyous-going fellow
I gathered from his talk,
Which both of benediction
And badinage partook,
Without apparent burden,
I learned, in leafy wood
He was the faithful father
Of a dependent brood;
And this untoward transport
His remedy for care,—
A contrast to our respites.
How different we are!

You are the best FATHER ever!


jibaro6543 said...

after a long rain...these cuties show up in our yard digging for food...I always thought they were so different...but love watching them...
Great pic

my78novata said...

great picture

flossiepumpkin said...

hi is the link you wanted...hope u find me..roberta

tkelliher617 said...

I missed your entries!  As you can see I have been bad on reading my journals so I am just commenting now, what a nice poem!  I just fixed my entry you should be able to see the pictures now...LOL
Tabby :)