Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Rorschach Test

"I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry. "
~Cat Stevens
Full Circle
by Dee
Distant voice
Estranged by choice
A space needed
To grow, to breathe
To define who you are
Find who I am
We are lost
In dreams of past
Times long gone
Grasping straws
Would and could
Never should
Go with the flow
Find your Tao
Till the day
We can unravel
What went askew
With less ado
Many of my entries are meaningful to me.  A lot of them may read like the babblings of a madwoman to you. Babbling, I do. Madwoman? I can be. But a babbling madwoman?  I assure you that I am not multi-talented so I doubt I can pull that. 
I often feel that to write the details about my  entries will prove to be "too much information."  A lot of it is symbolic of my most intimate (non-biblical) thoughts.
This is an entry about the trials and tribulations of "raising adult children." I am a newbie in this area and I grapple with these issues constantly.
Mea culpa. I need to practice what I always preached: You're not letting them go. You're letting them grow.


sdoscher458 said...

First of all I use to love Cat Stevens, before his freak out period.  Your poetry is very good, I can feel the emotion contained within.  Adult children can make you even crazier than toddlers...been there, done that....actually still there...Come read a story....Sandi

siennastarr said...

Since I don't know you or your journal well at all, I can only say that what you write is very deep.  I'm sure that it means something very pertinent to you, and that is what matters.

I've always loved Cat Stevens... :)


tschamberland said...

I so enjoy reading the prose of others here in this community.  (Yours especially::wink, wink::)  

Raising children is a neverending experience wrought with hardships and immense joy; this I too, am finding out.


magran42 said...

The quote:  That's where I am in my life now!   The poem:  So appropriate for your subject and so heart felt in MY heart.

chatzeekay said... very good words well expressed... children gee I should write one myself to.. mad women I do not think you are .. expressive is a good thing hope all is well .

queeniemart said...

i spill it all out and just pray someone will understand what i am saying. Your poem was AWESOME.  YOU are awesome. So smart.
HUGS, lisa