Sunday, May 1, 2005

Q by Rebecca & A by Dee

      I volunteered to be interviewed by Rebecca of InTheShadowOfTheIris  a couple of weeks ago and I just finished answering them tonight. My apology for the delay.  I have so much going on right now with all the packing and moving so I do not have much time to blog. I enjoyed answering the questions during my down time. Here they are!



1)       A publisher has just handed you a million dollar advance to write a book. What direction would you go? Fiction, nonfiction, love story, mystery, sci-fi, chick lit, adventure, poetry, ok this list could go on and on.......... your sitting at your computer, blank page staring bold and white at you, what would you write to earn your million dollars?


     I’ll probably write fictional stories for teens with lessons. Sort of Aesop’s fables geared toward teens with lessons on to how to deal with teenage problems such as peer pressure, independence without alienating the parental unit, positive conflict resolution, making sound and informed decision, etcetera….  OR  An Erma Bombeck meets Madeline L’Engle book, a funny, sarcastic and  intelligent fictional story with a sci-fi twist, and of course the target audience will be preteens and teens.


           2)       You have 5 Mothers of soon to be teenagers all waiting patiently for your    wisdom and advice. <Ok this includes me> What would you pass down to us to help us through these years of having teenage children? Advice, suggestions, wisdom, padded suits, HELP US.


Give your children a chance to grow by letting them participate in making decisions early in life. Ask for their suggestions on food purchases, travel destinations, music selections, or family activities. It will teach them how to make better/informed decisions and it will give them practice in taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions/choices.


Teach them the skills needed in being independent. Make them responsible for their laundry as soon as you feel comfortable that they can handle the job. Teach them how to cook dishes they like, how to handle their finances, how to clean and maintain a home. Think about the things you wished your parents had taught you before you left their home. Teach those skills to your children.


There will be a time when our darling babies have to fly the coop. In those times, remember that YOU ARE NOT LETTING THEM GO. YOU ARE LETTING THEM GROW.   


     3)       I went back and read your very first entry. It was a wonderful poem to your     daughter. Was there a specific reason you started this online journal? How has it evolved from where you thought you were taking it, to where it is now?


Wonderful observation. Yes, I wrote a poem to my daughter because it was her first semester in college and I missed her.  I write poetries when I have to get a perspective about what I was feeling at the moment. It was a tumultuous time for me. I was confused. I thought I had to let go of her so the pain of missing her will go away. After much retrospection, I came to the conclusion that I do not have to let her go, I just need to give her the space to grow.   


 When I wrote my first entry, I did not expect to have regular readers. I was writing things that I wanted to see written. I have ideas swirling in my mind and I want to put them in writing. I wanted a repository of my writing attempts to pass on to my children so they could have something tangible to remember me by. I wanted it to be more organized: an Erma Bombeckish account of the trials and tribulations of motherhood, to be exact. I wanted to showcase a funny and lighthearted approach to mothering. I wanted to present a funny and witty persona with a dose of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. I did not succeed.

My present journal is a jumble of this and that. It has multiple personalities and a schizophrenic theme. I gave up on sticking to the subject of motherhood. Sometimes I am so far from being an “Erma.” I am nearer to being “Sybil.” 


4)       They always say you get once chance to make a first impression. When people meet you, what kind of impression do you think they walk away with about you?


Good question. It depends on the situation. When I am in the work environment, I usually leave the impression that I am capable and competent. I am aware that there is no reality, only perception. I try to leave a good impression in every situation by asking myself: How would I want this person to perceive me?  When I am a social situation, I usually let my guard down and act as myself. I often walk away from social gatherings with names and phone numbers of people who wanted to talk or see me again. Those I made friends with told me that my sense of humor, listening skills, and no non-sense approach to life was what attracted them.


5)       I really liked this question Carly had asked in my interview so you get it too. If you were commissioned to create a painting that would best represent your life as a whole, what would it look like, what colors would it be, and to which museum would you allow to display it?


It would be a mix of abstract and surreal techniques. A Picasso meets Dali kind. Can you picture it?  There will be a lot of geometrical shapes and surreal symbols that will represent my past, present and future life. It will sport these bold bright primary and secondary colors: blue for balance, green for wisdom, red for passion, yellow for optimism, purple for temperance and orange for abundance.  I do not want my painting in a museum. I would liketo donate it to a non-profit organization that is near and dear to my heart. I hope I could be famous because I would like this organization to auction it to raise funds for their worthy cause.      


So, there you have it, now here are the rules if you would like to play along with this fun game. Leave me a comment if you would like me to interview you requesting I do so. The first 5 to ask will receive an email from me with 5 questions. You will update your journal with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them the 5 questions. Fun and easy...right?


tschamberland said...

A mother to look up to.  Sage advice and so well put.  Reading about you and my fellow J-landers has really brought the 'human' element into this cyber world.  

Your daughter is blessed to have you as a mother.  


skootles84 said...

I like reading everybody being interviewed. Can you interview me?

aynetal3 said...

Congratulations on you new adventure!  May everything of only importance survive the move with you!  Thank you for your visit to my journal.  I've enjoyed the return visit to yours.  Already you seem to be a delightful role model to younger folks and old as well.  You've hit upon some key thoughts, such as independence, decision-making, and humor.  Also, being that I'm much closer to Sybil as you protest in your thoughts of self, I say, "hear, hear" to being more interestingly of personalities than not.  Makes the "edge of life" seem never dull!    

belfastcowboy75 said...

I like these interviews, but I feel like I'm interrupting a private conservation when I comment. 'Scuse me, ladies.

justaname4me2 said...

Those are wonderful, amazing answers!!! Thank you so much for taking time <and I know how busy you are> to do this for us. I love your answer to #2, re-read it to make sure it sunk in. It is funny how we start our journals with one focus in mind, and it evolves to something completely different. But, you just have to let the mind flow where it wants to go.
Happy Mothers day to you!!!

oceanmrc said...

This was such an interesting look into your life!