Thursday, April 21, 2005

Happy 19th Birthday, J!!!!

           Happy Birthday to my not-so-little girl!



 Thank You


Have I thanked you lately

     For coming to my life?

For providing me

    With good memories

And lots of things

     To be proud about?


Have I told you lately?

     How much you mean to me?

That my love for you

     Will never fade?

For it is  unconditional

      In the purest sense   

 And it will always be there

     No matter what?


If I have not thanked

     And told you lately

How much I love you

     Hope this poem

Showed you how I feel

     Now and always 


In the tradition of an AOL Journal addict, I am giving my lovely daughter a shout out for her birthday. LOL.


samnsmile5 said...

Wishing her a Happy Birthday!!  Hope she enjoys it!  :)

mom23nca said...

Very nice.  Happy Birthday to your daughter!

fasttrack58 said...

Happy Birthday!!

lindainspokane said...

happy birthday to u! hope your daughter has a great day!


delela1 said...

All right!!!! Another April girl....WooooHooooo!!!

ryanagi said...

Aww Happy Birthday! She is lovely. :-)

boiseladie said...

What a great poem!  Young adults are so much fun... watching them become the grown ups they can't wait to be.

alphawoman1 said...

Happy Birthday to a very lovely girl.

jcole16757 said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

jtuwliens said...

What a beautiful poem for a beautiful daughter.  Happy birthday to you both!

dakotarose2852 said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to your daughter.  Aren't we lucky to have wonderful girls?  Susan

tschamberland said...

Give her a (belated, from what I can tell) Happy B-day from Maine!

I can't bear to think my oldest will be there in 10 short years!  Won't even do the math on my youngest!  Torment, that's what it is to watch them grow up so fast!

Be strong mom!

tendernoggle said...

awwwww, she is a doll! Tell her happy happy birthday for me!

kathlyna22 said...

Oh yay!
Happy Birthday!
( a day or too late)

deabvt said...

Woo Hoo!!
Happy Birthday, Beauty!!